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Management Upgrading Mobilization Conference

Management Upgrading Mobilization Conference

2018/11/21 21:08

On February 25, 2016, Zhejiang Gangfa Soft Packaging Co., Ltd. organized a staff management upgrade mobilization meeting and formally introduced Shanghai Tianyu Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to provide management upgrade guidance to the company.
At this mobilization meeting, the chairman of company Xiang Fangyin and general manager Tianyu Guoyan deeply analyzed the necessity and urgency of the current management upgrade of the company; Teacher Zhou Mengqi, director of planning of Tianyu Company, made a preliminary elaboration on the meaning, steps and ideas of the management upgrade; Tianyu Company's project team in Hong Kong Teacher Chang Liu Hua explained the specific operation and implementation of the project, and Tianyu Audit Director explained the role and operation of audit in the process of project operation. Management upgrading is an important decision for the company and all employees. It not only lays the foundation for the company to enter the standardized management, but also creates conditions for the improvement of the ability of managers in various departments, and also provides a broader display platform for the company's outstanding talents. Through six months of management upgrading, we will establish a reasonable organizational structure, formulate clear job responsibilities, formulate scientific operating procedures, formulate fair and just incentive system, and improve the company's rules and regulations. Through this standardized, procedural and institutionalized management, we can improve production efficiency, shorten order delivery time, improve product quality, reduce production costs, improve the management level of managers, and build an excellent management team.
The stage of management upgrade has been set up, and you can start the wonderful play. Come together and create great undertakings. Let's join hands and work together for 180 days to welcome the bright future of Hong Kong Fair!